UWM Thanks Veterans with Interest Rates as Low as 2.25% on 30-Year Fixed Mortgages

New VA loan program offers record low rates to veterans through independent mortgage brokers

PONTIAC, June 24, 2020 – United Wholesale Mortgage, (UWM), the largest purchase mortgage lender and #1 wholesale mortgage lender in America, today announced a new VA loan program that offers rates as low as 2.25 percent, available on 30-year fixed mortgages, for both new home purchases and refinances available through independent mortgage brokers.

This new VA loan program offers rates as low as 2.25 percent to veterans to make the dream of home ownership easy, affordable and accessible to all Americans, especially veterans who have sacrificed so much. These VA 30-year fixed rates in the 2.25 to 2.375 percent range will support veteran borrowers in one of the strongest purchase seasons on record due to pent up demand created by COVID-19.

UWM was the first lender to dip below 3 percent interest and recently announced rates as low as 2.5 percent, which is available to all borrowers through independent mortgage brokers.

As the second largest lender in America, UWM continues to lead the industry by making rates under 3 percent available to all borrowers through independent mortgage brokers who borrowers can find at www.FindAMortgageBroker.com.

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