UWM Offers Free Appraisals for Borrowers

Lender arms brokers with a powerful tool ahead of purchase season

Pontiac, January 26, 2022 – United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), the #1 wholesale and purchase lender in America, today announced that now through March 31, 2022, it will credit borrowers up to $600 for appraisal costs, available on all primary purchases, including jumbos.

This offering will give independent mortgage brokers a significant edge with both real estate agents and borrowers in a rising rate, purchase-focused environment. Not only will this keep money in borrowers’ pockets, it will also help brokers gain relationships with real estate agents and increase client referrals.

“As the #1 purchase lender in the country, we felt it was the right time to jump-start purchase season,” said Mat Ishbia, president and CEO at UWM. “Partnering with an independent mortgage broker continues to be the best choice for real estate agents and consumers, and we’re adding one more reason why with the no-cost appraisal. This tool will save homebuyers a lot of money and make the homebuying experience better for consumers and real estate agents alike.”

This announcement follows UWM’s Appraisal Direct launch, revealed in September 2021, which gave the company the ability to handle the appraisal process directly as the lender, and no longer required broker clients to utilize an Appraisal Management Company.

For more information on UWM’s no-cost appraisals, visit: uwm.com/no-cost-appraisals.

UWM supports independent mortgage brokers with industry-leading training, technology and service. For more information on how to sign up as a broker with UWM, visit uwm.com.

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