Compete & Beat

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Get their best pricing +1 basis point from UWM

Compete & Beat is UWM’s powerful new pricing tool now at your disposal.

  • Get pricing that beats 20 of the top wholesale lenders’ 30-, 45- and 60-day lock pricing by 1 basis point
  • UWM will give you up to 40bps
  • Can be used for primary, second and investment properties on conventional, government and jumbo loans
  • Must compare with the same lock terms from UWM for conventional, government or Prime Jumbo Max
  • Available on loans locked May 4 through June 30, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT
  • LO Partner Points can be combined with Compete & Beat, final price to final price up to 40bps
  • Not eligible with MI Buster, Bank Statement, Investor Flex or the following Prime Jumbo programs: Released, ARMs or Interest Only

Compete & Beat can be applied on quotes from these lenders:

To request Compete & Beat pricing, you must:

  1. Must choose borrower paid compensation and show competitor final pricing including all adjustments (before compensation)
  2. Must not waive the UW fee when showing final price comparison
  3. Show same-day pricing quote screenshots from the list of applicable lenders (within 60 minutes of locking with UWM, assuming repricing has not occurred), including a full pricing detail breakdown showing comparison, time and date and including the following loan parameters:
    1. Lender logo OR URL
    2. Product and Term
    3. Occupancy type
    4. Rate
    5. Lock period (30/45/60 days)
    6. FICO
    7. LTV
    8. CLTV
    9. Escrow waiver (Y/N)
    10. Loan amount
    11. State
    12. Purpose (purchase/refi)
    13. Refi purpose (e.g., cash-out)
    14. Property type (single-family residence, condo, etc.)
    15. Time and date stamp of screenshot (see screenshot examples)
    16. Final price to final price (not including compensation or UW fee waiver)
  4. Choose their 30-day lock versus UWM’s 30-day lock OR their 45-day lock versus UWM’s 45-day lock OR their 60-day lock versus UWM’s 60-day lock
  5. You must have closed a loan in the last 90 days with one of the listed lenders above
  6. Download and fill out the UWM form

Then simply send the following to within 60 minutes of your UWM lock action:

  1. UWM form — download new form here
  2. Pricing quote screenshots from competing lender
  3. Include loan number in email subject line

Look for lock confirmation in EASE within 1 business day of UWM form submission.

Please note that UWM Compete & Beat is for initial locks only and does not apply to lock transfers or relocks. Relocks and changes to program, occupancy or property type will be subject to worst-case pricing. Lock & Shop and long-term locks are not eligible. Screenshots from pricing engines will not qualify for Compete & Beat.

UWM Exact Rate locks must be compared to competitors’ next-lowest note rate available.

Enjoy the confidence that comes with adding superior pricing to the technology, turn times and elite client service UWM is known for. Reach out to your UWM account executive with questions.

Information is subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval. Applicable on qualifying loans submitted through June 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM EDT. One Compete & Beat request allowed per loan.

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