Good. Better. Broker.

What does it take to succeed in the mortgage industry? Brokers who are “All In” with United Wholesale Mortgage know better than anyone and want to share their knowledge with you in a new podcast called Good. Better. Broker., your go-to source for expert advice from the best in the industry.

Self-Employed Borrowers Require More Attention to Detail

They are entrepreneurs, small business owners and side hustlers. Self-employed borrowers are becoming more common in today’s mortgage landscape. How can you create a seamless experience for your non-W2 borrowers and for yourself? Tune into Episode #13 of Good. Better. Broker. as we talk with two mortgage brokers who have tried-and-true systems in place for getting their self-employed borrowers to the finish line of the loan process.

In this episode of the Good. Better. Broker. podcast, you’ll learn tips on how to originate non-W2 borrower loans more efficiently.

In this episode, we discuss ...

  • 1:45 – Why the pre-approval process is key to Vivian’s success with S/E borrowers
  • 3:42 – Why Vivian has designated pre-approval specialists
  • 4:52 – How Vivian explains pre-approvals to S/E borrowers
  • 6:18 – How Vivian leverages relationships with CPAs
  • 8:11 – How Vivian sets up their files for success with underwriting
  • 10:33 – How Vivian trains her team members to work S/E borrower files
  • 12:15 – Vivian’s advice for originating S/E borrower loans more efficiently
  • 14:04 – Why Chris emphasizes communication with S/E borrowers
  • 15:26 – Chris explains the importance of learning about a S/E borrower’s business
  • 17:33 – How Chris sets up S/E borrower files for success
  • 19:10 – Why it’s important to have your most experienced team members work these files
  • 22:10 – How borrowers having different income sources affects loan originators
  • 24:34 – Chris’ advice for becoming more efficient at originating S/E borrower loans

Meet The Guests In This Episode

Vivian Chen

Vivian Chen is a Southern California-based independent mortgage broker who is dedicated to making the homebuying experience simple and enjoyable for her clients and referral partners. After 16 years in the mortgage industry, Vivian made the switch to the broker channel in 2017. Not only has she made the loan process easier and faster for her clients, Vivian prides herself on providing transparency to all parties in the loan transaction, from beginning to end. Her team funded 490 units for $240M in 2021.


Chris Pell

Chris Pell is the Chief Operating Officer at Garden State Home Loans In based in New Jersey. He has been in the mortgage industry for 19 years, spending the first 4 years in sales and the last 15 years in operations. He oversees the day-to-day operations of GSHL and has surpassed the $1B mark in loan volume the past 2 years. He has been with GSHL since the start in 2011, when the company had 10 employees closing 20-30 loans a month. They now have 80+ employees and close more than 400+ loans a month. Chris thrives on making the mortgage process as efficient as possible while providing the best customer experience to the consumer.


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