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What does it take to succeed in the mortgage industry? Brokers who are “All In” with United Wholesale Mortgage know better than anyone and want to share their knowledge with you in a new podcast called Good. Better. Broker., your go-to source for expert advice from the best in the industry.

How Independent Mortgage Brokers Can Leverage TikTok to Generate Business

Between them, they have more 370 thousand followers on TikTok. However, for Rebecca Richardson and Nate Fain, it’s more about leads than likes. How can independent mortgage brokers create TikTok videos to drive business? Listen to episode #28 of Good. Better. Broker as we talk with two of the top TikTok personalities in the broker channel. They explain everything from their content creation strategies to why every follower should be considered part of your database.

In this episode of the Good. Better. Broker. Podcast, you’ll learn how to use TikTok to create a community of prospective clients.

In this episode, we discuss ...

  • 1:38 – Rebecca on the impact TikTok has had on her business
  • 2:32 – Why Rebecca started creating videos on social media
  • 3:52 – Why Rebecca went all in on TikTok
  • 5:38 – Rebecca on her content creation strategy for her videos
  • 7:46 – Rebecca’s keys to TikTok success
  • 9:56 – Rebecca’s advice for showing your personality in videos
  • 12:45 – Nate on his TikTok follower count
  • 13:58 – The impact of TikTok on Nate’s business
  • 15:33 – How Nate built up his following on TikTok
  • 17:32 – Why Nate views his followers as potential leads
  • 19:53 – How Nate hooks his followers and why it’s important
  • 21:35 – Common objections Nate hears about doing TikTok videos
  • 22:37 – What Nate does if he’s struggling to create content
  • 23:32 – Mistakes that sees other content creators make
  • 24:55 – Nate’s advice for new content creators

Meet The Guests In This Episode

Rebecca Richardson

Rebecca is no stranger to shifting lending environments and real estate markets. She began her career in 2001 and has since successfully navigated the ever-changing mortgage industry. With a focus on first time and move up buyers, veterans and clients going through separation and divorce, she differentiates herself with sound technical and guideline knowledge balanced with empathetic and proactive service. She believes in the power of growing personal wealth through real estate and enjoys advising clients on strategies to help them reach their goals. Branding herself as The Mortgage Mentor™, she demystifies the mortgage process and fosters financial literacy on various social media platforms. She is licensed in over 25 states and enjoys helping clients reach their homeownership goals. Rebecca currently has over 130,000 followers on Tiktok and over 10,000 followers on Instagram. These communities have allowed her to be a nationally ranked top originator through Scotsman Guide and an industry thought leader.


Nate Fain

Nate Fain is a mortgage broker in Pensacola, FL with over 10 years of mortgage experience. Since the beginning of his career, Nate’s main focus has always been to educate his clients on the home-buying and mortgage process. Four years ago, Nate decided to dip his toes into video marketing so that he could not only educate the masses, but also grow his business. Since then, he's established a solid following across several platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and he's working on a YouTube channel. Making entertaining but educational mortgage content isn't easy, but it's a challenge he looks forward to every day!


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