Good. Better. Broker.

What does it take to succeed in the mortgage industry? Brokers who are “All In” with United Wholesale Mortgage know better than anyone and want to share their knowledge with you in a new podcast called Good. Better. Broker., your go-to source for expert advice from the best in the industry.

Staying Away From Selling Leads to Longer, More Productive Phone Calls with Borrowers

Independent mortgage brokers can set themselves apart by having phone calls that focus on educating their borrowers instead of selling to them. How can you have phone conversations that make borrowers want to work with you? Listen to Episode #29 of Good. Better. Broker. as we talk with a former retail LO who has shifted his focus to prioritizing relationships over transactions on client calls.

In this episode of the Good. Better. Broker. podcast, you’ll find out why educating your clients creates longer and more productive phone conversations, leading to more business.

In this episode, we discuss ...

  • 2:02 – How Alex’s experiences in retail impact his business strategy as a broker
  • 5:26 – Why Alex chooses to educate his borrowers on retail vs. wholesale
  • 7:13 – Why Alex decided to take an educational approach with his borrowers
  • 10:25 – How Alex defines a quality conversation with a client
  • 12:41 – Alex on what borrowers are looking for from their loan officer
  • 14:11 – The 3 key components to a phone call with a borrower
  • 19:27 – Why it’s important to not be transactional on the phone with clients
  • 21:51 – The difference between being in a call vs. on a call

Meet The Guests In This Episode

Alex Beidoun

In 2008, Alex made a life-changing decision when he joined the mortgage industry and has gained profound knowledge in the retail and wholesale models working for several of the nation’s largest lenders. A desire to build something bigger and reach more people brought Alex to the wholesale channel in 2021. Although loan origination will always be a passion for Alex, his focus is now on leadership and branding, with dreams of developing up-and-coming brokers into seasoned mortgage professionals.


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