Boost Your Business


Take Advantage Of UWM’s Growth Marketplace

With Boost, we’ve curated some of the most valuable business tools and resources for our partners and put them in one marketplace. Accessible from your navigation menu in Brand 360, Boost provides streamlined access to the services below — providing the opportunity for you to grow and manage your business more effectively.

Brand 360 Live Transfers

Get access to have your past clients called on your behalf based on your Brand 360 Client Connect alerts. Once your client is on the line, the Boost team will live transfer the call to you so you can earn that client's business again. You control your settings and have the flexibility to select any or all of the following alerts to be monitored and called on:

  • Credit Score Watch
  • MI Drop
  • Rate Watch
  • Equity Watch (Unite)
  • Credit Report Watch (UConnect)
  • Home Listing Watch
  • Loan Anniversary

Once you add funds to your Boost account, the Boost team will begin reaching out as alerts are received. You can also allow clients to set up an appointment for a future call with you. Calls and appointments will only be made during the days and times you designate in your Boost settings. All call transfers will come from 844-43-BOOST (844-432-6678), so be sure to save it in your contacts.

Agent Connect

UWM will identify and establish potential real estate agent partnerships on your behalf and provide strategies and best practices to help you succeed. We will target real estate agents who partner with retail lenders and set up personal one-on-one meetings for you on your behalf. When you submit and pay for an order, you can choose the state and county you want to establish the connection in, as well as the meeting location.

Lead Connect

Purchase leads at a discount that you can tailor to fit your budget and current business needs — with no long-term contract required. You also have the option to have the Boost team call leads on your behalf and live transfer them back to you. All call transfers will come from 844-43-BOOST (844-432-6678).

To access Boost, you’ll need an active Brand 360 account. There, you’ll be able to set up your account, see pricing and add funds.

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