National Mortgage Broker Day

Fewer Touches. Faster Approvals. More Certainty.

The new BOLT feature in EASE is an industry-first tool that clears your path for easier, faster loan approvals with UWM. It lets you obtain an initial approval on conventional loans at your convenience and resolve potential conditions that could slow your loan down.

BOLT is unbelievably easy to use:

  • Submit your loan, pick a product and run One-Click AUS
  • Upload any additional documents required for initial approval
  • Click on “Launch BOLT” in the pop-up to fast track your initial approval
  • Sit back, relax, and let BOLT’s data extraction, auto doc recognition and smart technology do the work for you on items like
    • Driver’s license
    • Income items
    • County records
    • And more
  • Receive initial approval for qualified borrowers in just 15 minutes

You’ll be able to give your borrowers and real estate partners an approval on your timeline, while always keeping your loans moving forward. Plus, when you complete the BOLT process for conventional loans, you’ll earn credit toward achieving an Ultimate Loan Submission, which gets you 2,000 LO Partner Points and can help you earn a higher PRO Ranking status. Log in to EASE now to start using BOLT — a revolutionary new feature, only from UWM.

Ask your account executive for more details about BOLT. Or sign up now for one of our upcoming Live Demo Drop-Ins and hear directly from a BOLT expert about how to use this tool to its fullest potential.

NOTE: Not applicable on Prime Jumbo products, RefiNow™ or Refi Possibleā„ . Information is subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval.


BOLT has been a game changer! It’s increased my speeds from start to finish for each individual file I’ve submitted. My latest file was underwritten SAME DAY with only 1 condition for me to obtain. The loan was submitted on Monday and CTC’d on Wednesday, 2 days! The borrowers are extremely surprised at how fast the process is, which returns us with many referrals.

Brandon Baker

PrimeSource Funding, Inc.

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