A Look Back: 2017 UWM Highlights

Dec 29, 2017, 15:25 PM by User Not Found

In the past 12 months, United Wholesale Mortgage added over 900 people to its team and increased loan production by nearly 30%, distancing itself as the No.1 wholesale lender in America. Whether it pertained to technology, client service, products, or broker advocacy, UWM utilized its leadership position to propel the wholesale industry forward.

Here is a look back at 10 of UWM’s top highlights from 2017:

  1. Defending our title
    We’re fortunate to work with some of the best, hardest-working mortgage brokers and correspondents in the country. Because of the solid partnerships we’ve built with them – and the success they achieved – we were able to grow our production and distance ourselves from the competition as the top wholesale lender in the country (according to Inside Mortgage Finance statistics).

  2. Virtually changing the game
    Our thumb is constantly on the pulse of what’s “next” in the mortgage business, and we work tirelessly to innovate and introduce new technology that makes brokers’ lives easier. That was on display when we partnered with Notarize to introduce the first virtual e-close, allowing to close their loan remotely by communicating with the notary via webcam instead of having one physically present in the room.

  3. $25,000 Donation to Las Vegas Shooting Victims
    UWM President/CEO Mat Ishbia made a taped appearance on an airing of the syndicated talk show “The Doctors” to announce a surprise gift of $25,000 for two victims of the tragic Las Vegas music festival shooting in October.

  4. KickStarting Brokers’ Dreams
    A lot of companies talk about “helping the little guys”, but as a lender that truly cares about growing the broker channel, UWM put its money where its mouth is. That’s why we put our support behind NAMB’s KickStart program as the title sponsor – and put effort into recruiting loan originators to flip from retail to wholesale. Our contributions led to the creation of over 60 new independent mortgage broker shops throughout the country.

  5. Everybody, grab a partner
    It is challenging for brokers to win a client the first time. It’s even tougher to keep them coming back. That’s why we connect our clients with exclusive partnership tools to help them grow and maintain their business. Whether it’s our Marketing Toolbox, fit with customized things like flyers, videos and social posts, or it’s part of our technology mix (Client Loyalty Manager, Unite or UConnect). And we completely overhauled our website to serve as a one-stop destination for any tool or resource a broker or correspondent could need to work more efficiently.

  6. Paving a path for success
    Proper training and continuous improvement are essential for mortgage professionals to stay up-to-date in the business, but not every broker shop has the budget or resources to make that happen. So we handle it for them, by inviting clients to participate in our Success Track program, a weekly series of training courses for loan officers and processors from around the country. Whether a mortgage professional is new to the mortgage industry, transitioning to wholesale lending, or looking for a resource to get their new hires up to speed, Success Track delivers the knowledge and confidence to help them succeed.

  7. Educating the people
    Brokers could (and do) have access to the best products and technology available, but it ultimately won’t do them any good unless borrowers are aware of them and the benefits they offer. UWM set out to explain why brokers are a better option than using a bank, and how buying a home is more affordable than many buyers realize. We also encouraged homebuyers to, at a minimum, be aware of the affordable mortgage options that exist with 1% down mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages.

  8. Loving on processors
    Processors are the heart of a broker shop, but they don’t get nearly the level of public recognition that they deserve – so we decided to change that by coining February “Processor Love Month”. As part of the campaign, we introduced the Most Valuable Processor award and encouraged brokers to shine a spotlight on their behind-the-scenes superstars.

    The mortgage industry is full of numbers and data and reports. Sure, it all tells the story of the industry…but does anyone find that kind of stuff interesting? Well, UWM took it upon themselves to make research fun by introducing its “Breaking News” series – a satirical approach to delivering real data findings from a study it conducted with Michigan State University. In what turned out to be a social media hit – and will continue in 2018 – we touched on topics that included parents lying about down payments, and how daily coffees and the occasional date night are preventing millennials from buying a home.

  10. Being one of the “good guys”
    Everyone in the industry is aware of the recent BRAWL movement that has launched, in which mortgage brokers are calling wholesale lenders out for being loan thieves. Well, BRAWL also publicized a list of trustworthy wholesale lenders, and fortunately for us, UWM was included on that “good guys” list. As the nation’s leading advocate for growing the broker channel, we openly support the movement BRAWL is trying to achieve, and encourage brokers to take accountability for protecting their business moving forward.
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