Mat Ishbia: Flashy mortgage commercials lead to higher costs for consumers

Feb 7, 2018, 08:02 AM by User Not Found

There are a couple people-related truths that I think are generally consistent across the board: people love being entertained, and people love for things to be easy.

So it’s a natural marriage when mega banks and huge national retail mortgage lenders make flashy TV commercials to market their products to millions of people. Millions of people view mortgages as a “boring and complicated” topic, anyways, so it’s a good move to package them as “funny and simple”.

But here’s the thing: those flashy TV commercials aren’t free, and it’s the consumers around the country that use those products who are paying for them. The mega lenders just hope that it goes unnoticed.

What’s lost in the TV commercials pushed out by mega lenders is that their loan products have higher closing costs, monthly payments, and interest rates than the products offered by independent mortgage brokers. Resources like will help you find a mortgage expert in your area that will guide you through the process, shop on your behalf, find more options and get you a better deal.

It’s easy for consumers to understand why direct-to-consumer loans from mega lenders are more expensive – if they take the time to think about it. Those companies only offer one set of products and pricing – their own – whereas brokers have access to dozens of lenders’ options. While banks and retail lenders don’t need to offer the most competitive deals because their customers are a captive audience, brokers give consumers the best rates, fees, turn times, and products because they are constantly competing against other lenders for the business.

One concept that is universally easy for everyone to understand and rally behind is the idea of having more money in your bank account. Mortgages are complicated and expensive. The reality is that the actual mortgage expenses associated with mega lenders that push out commercials do more to hurt your bank account than they do to help it. And it makes sense – those mega lenders have to pay for those expensive commercials somehow, right?

Mortgage brokers might not be all that entertaining with flashy TV commercials, but they make the mortgage process as easy and as cheap as possible.

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