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Our Loan Origination System (LOS), loaded with features and tools, makes originating, processing and closing loans fast and easy for you.

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EASE (the Easiest Application System Ever) was built in-house, specifically to the needs of our clients. EASE allows you to import an entire 3.2 file, drag and drop supporting documents, structure the loan and begin submitting to underwriting with just a few clicks. Intelligent messaging guides you through your loans, even prompting the next best action to take. As your business grows, managing your pipeline is a breeze thanks to alerts and date tracking on upcoming events.

Growing your business is one of our top priorities, and with EASE, we can help accomplish that growth. You’ll also get business tools like customizable marketing materials and business planning assistance.

When it comes to growing your business, why wait? Partner with UWM and see for yourself how EASE helps make us one of the leading wholesale lenders in the country.


  • Complete 3.2 files will auto-populate upon import
  • Intelligent messaging guides you through loans
  • Alerts, search and date tracking keeps your pipeline organized and on track

What They're Saying

"Your LOS Rocks! Please pass onto your systems folks that they have created a GREAT system … easy to use, quick, informative, etc, etc.  It is not only better than your old system, it is better than any other system I have used … and I've used a lot."

Cristin Wilson

Accel Mortgage