5/5 ARM


For home buyers who want both the stability of a fixed mortgage and the low rate of an adjustable mortgage, the UWM 5/5 ARM provides the perfect balance. The low initial rate of the UWM 5/5 ARM is fixed for five years before it can adjust — then it’s fixed for another five years and so on. Plus, it can only adjust by a maximum of 2% each time and it’s capped at just 5% from the initial rate over the entire 30-year life of the loan. The UWM 5/5 ARM is a great option for just about any home buyer, especially those who plan to be in their homes for up to about 15 years, and the guidelines are the same as for all other UWM non-Jumbo ARMs.


  • Initial rate is fixed for 5 years before it adjusts, then adjusts every 5 years after
  • Adjustments limited to 2% at each adjustment period
  • Rate is capped at 5% from the initial rate


The 5/5 ARM really is a great option for a lot of my borrowers — especially since most of them will move or refinance in less than 10 years. With only two adjustments in the first 15 years — and with low caps on those adjustments — the 5/5 ARM gives them a great rate and a lot of flexibility.

Joseph C. Racamato

President, Silex Financial Group, Inc.

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