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Custom Rate Lock

Instead of having to lock loans in standard increments, UWM’s Custom Rate Lock lets you pick the exact number of days – between 8 and 90 – and lock for only as long as you need. The shorter the lock, the cheaper the price. You can even go as low as a 20-day lock on imports. With Custom Rate Lock, you can now lock for the exact number of days in your borrower’s Purchase Contract. It also lets you take full advantage of our fast turn times. And, when combined with our Exact Rate, it’s another way you can save your borrowers money by customizing their loan to their needs. Custom Rate Lock doesn’t show up in pricing engines, so be sure to price out your loans in UWM’s Easy Qualifier (EQ).

Value Certified

Value Certified is UWM’s exclusive valuation process on LPA loans that’s designed to help you get more appraisal waivers. All you need to do is run UWM’s One-Click AUS and see if your borrower is eligible for Value Certified. If they are, that’s it! Value is certified. Order a data inspection report through Class Valuation and a local certified appraiser will gather data on the home for just $150. The entire process takes only 2–4 business days, provides certainty on the value of the home on Day 0, and is available exclusively through UWM. Ready to get started?

Texas Attorney Portal

Texas Attorneys completing their work in the Texas Attorney Portal (TAP), can now submit an escalation request with the “TAP Help” button. This ensures TAP escalations will be quickly routed to the team member to resolve the escalation.

For additional information, please contact your Account Executive. Thank you for partnering with UWM, where we are Younited to make lending easy.

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