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Do you have what it takes to be a sales superstar?

By Amber VanAssche

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Below are nine traits that sales superstars share according to a study conducted by Deon Basson, an entrepreneur and PhD candidate.

1. Communication–Top salespeople must have excellent communication skills. When a salesperson is able to differentiate more than one type of person, they are able to communicate on a highly effective level compared to others that sell within their comfort zone. Successful salespeople are also able to tell a story and paint a picture for their client.

2.  Empathy–Top salespeople are able to understand customers and relate to their needs.

3. Trust–Top salespeople deliver on their service promises.

4. Authority–Top salespeople are very knowledgeable about their craft. They are able to confidently provide creative solutions for their client’s needs while offering value throughout the entire transaction.

5. Disciplined–Top salespeople have excellent follow-through as well as follow-skills. It’s important to pay attention to detail and know that not every sale is the same.

6. Hard worker–Top salespeople work harder than most people within a 9-5 career. Always willing to go above and beyond, they work hard to impress their client.

7. Ambition–Top salespeople are always looking for ways to get better. They set goals and work to achieve them.

8. Confidence–Top salespeople have confidence. They are very knowledgeable and not afraid to be assertive.

9. Attitude–Top salespeople have a positive attitude. They are always willing to look at the bright side of things and turn problems into solutions.

While you were reading through this list, were you evaluating your own personal traits? How did you stack up? If your sales are lacking, this might be a great time to test yourself against these traits. As I look around my office, I have to say that I agree with these traits. Many of our top salespeople possess many, if not all of these traits.

For the full article, please see 9 Traits That Sales Stars Share

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