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How can YOU sell yourself?

By Brenden Austin

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When the thought of “selling” something comes to mind, what do you envision? I would be willing to bet that most would assume a product or service is being sold for money or something else in return. Until a couple months ago, that would have been the first thought that came to my mind if someone asked me the same question. I now reflect on that question from a different and more unique angle that I will explain.

As a member of the Business Innovation Group at United Shore, I spent a full year rotating through nearly every team in the company, spending anywhere from two to eight weeks with each team. I was able to get a full understanding of the business and get exposure to leadership and key processes along the way. While rotating through this program, I noticed one thing that I found to be key in setting myself up for success; I had to sell myself. Entering each rotation, I did not have an established relationship with the team leaders or their team members. I was essentially a stranger. This is where I found it essential to sell myself on why I belong there and how I can make an impact during my short stay with them. If I did this successfully, I was able to build relationships with the team and hopefully gain enough trust for them to consider taking me on full time after the year-long rotational program.

I believe the idea of “selling yourself” applies directly to the mortgage business and all the players involved. Whether they realize it or not, UWM’s business partners are selling themselves to their consumers daily. They are selling themselves to Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, and so on as well. They must build relationships and trust with their clients through selling who they are, what they believe in, and what they can provide that other shops cannot. To all of our Broker owners, LO’s, and other mortgage professionals out there, I challenge you to think about what sets you apart from your competition. What makes you the obvious choice for the consumer? Think about your biggest strengths and what makes you unique, then use those to your advantage as you sell yourself to the mortgage seeking masses. 

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