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Importance of Thinking Outside the Box

By Dennis Sheikho

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The role of an account executive is to build relationships. Traditional account executives visit local broker shops and attempt to convince broker owners to send business to the lender they work for. At United Wholesale Mortgage we have enhanced the traditional role of an account executive by staffing our executives in-house. The selling point, or benefit of this, is that we, ‘’the account executives”, dedicate eight hours of our day to assist our broker partners.

Working over the phone versus in person makes us more efficient, and more available to address any needs or questions the broker may have. The biggest disadvantage to this model is that it makes it more difficult for the account executives to personalize themselves. In human nature, first impressions and opinions are formulated off appearance. Working from over the phone, that component is taken away.

The best way to tackle that is to think outside the box. What can I do to differentiate myself from the rest? Maybe send a pizza? Yes, I said pizza. I recently had a broker who I had a hard time connecting with. They never took my calls or responded to my emails. After some time I realized I wasn’t doing anything different than the previous account executive that was assigned to that broker shop. So what did I do? I had a pizza delivered to their doorstep, and it worked! I also had the delivery person leave a note on the box that said, ‘’ please give me a call, Dennis from United Wholesale Mortgage.” I had an email in my inbox from the broker the next morning.

I’m not saying to send a pizza to everyone that isn’t responding to you, but what I am saying is, make it a habit to ‘’think outside the box.’’ This also goes for loan officers wanting to build real estate agent relationships. Every Real Estate office has loan officers trying to steer those purchase referrals their way. As a loan officer, what are you doing that’s different from the others competing to get those referrals? Maybe send the agents’ office some Jimmy Johns! Then tell them if you think Jimmy Johns is “freaky fast”, you should see how fast I’m closing loans with United Wholesale Mortgage! Differentiate yourself, think unconventionally; that’s what’s going to separate you from the rest.

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  1. DAMON jOHNSON | Aug 15, 2016
    Great Read Dennis...yes as a Realtor LO's are constantly in our faces trying to get us to give us the deal, the ones who make it personal,going outside the box, are the ones who get my business.

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