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What are your client’s emotional goals?

By Tatiana Uribe

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There are 2 types of needs- financial and emotional. Financial goals include lower rate and lower payment; any broker can obtain these goals. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we dig deeper to find our clients’ emotional needs, i.e. WHY do they want a lower payment? How will it make their life better?

Let’s review the following key factors to find the client’s emotional goals….

Open-ended questions: Try to only ask questions that begin with who, what, where, when, why, and how. By doing this, it essentially forces our clients to respond with answers that are NOT yes or no answers.

Active Listening: There are 2 different ways you can make sure you are actively listening to your clients:

Summarize- Repeat back to the client what they have said to you to ensure you understand their request.
For example, “Ok, so you’re looking to lower your payment.”
This allows us to stay on track with our client and ensures that we are listening.

Write it down- By writing down what the client is telling us, we’ll always be on the same page as our client.

Bandwagon/ Forced Choice: The most common responses when digging deep are:  “I want to lower my rate” OR “I want to lower my payment.”

To simplify and narrow down the client’s goals using bandwagon is highly effective. For example: “Most of my clients that are looking to lower their rate are looking to do one of three things: 1) Lower the Payment; 2) Shorten the term; 3) Take cash out. Which is most important to you?”

There are many different question types depending on the scenario you’re in.

The right questions and resulting answers not only help you to provide better results for your clients, but the act of asking questions that prompt productive dialogues can improve your relationships. With a better understanding of the client's goals, challenges, needs, and values, you can find new ways to provide value to the client.

 And don't forget: Asking a good question means nothing if you aren't prepared to listen.

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    Great read, I am working on repeating what my clients say to me.

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