Appraisal Solutions


As your lending partner, we realize how important it is for you to get timely appraisals on your borrowers’ homes. In response to the recent challenges with appraisals, we’ve taken significant steps to provide solutions.

Easy Valuation

Offer your borrowers the opportunity for faster, cheaper appraisals with our Easy Valuation property inspections based on photos, videos and measurements.

Benefits of Easy Valuation include:

  • Simplicity – 50% chance of qualifying for an inspection-based waiver
  • Speed – process completed in as little as 3 business days
  • Savings – starting at just $175, hundreds less than the cost of a typical appraisal

Easy Valuation is available on Fannie Mae conventional loans for primary and second homes with LTVs up to 80%. Complete the process in these easy steps:

  1. Check DU AUS findings for eligibility message
  2. If eligible, submit your order through Mueller’s website*
  3. Mueller will complete the property inspection report and submit to Fannie Mae for approval
    • If the report is approved, then the appraisal requirement is met and the borrower is only charged $175 for the report
    • If the report is not approved, a hybrid appraisal will be required and automatically completed by Mueller

For more information, reach out to your UWM account executive.

*The borrower will be charged the full appraisal cost when the order is submitted. If the inspection report is approved by Fannie Mae, the borrower will be refunded the difference between the full appraisal cost and the $175 inspection fee.

Desktop Appraisals

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced that a desktop appraisal can now be used in lieu of a traditional interior and exterior appraisal for certain purchase transactions. This will allow the possibility of getting these appraisals faster and often times cheaper.

Our systems have been updated to reflect this new option. To be eligible for a desktop appraisal, DU/LPA AUS results will include a message reflecting eligibility for a desktop appraisal, and the loan must meet the following requirements:

  • Purchase of a 1-unit primary residence
  • Property is a single-family residence or PUD
  • LTV cannot exceed 90%
  • Appraiser must submit a software-generated floor plan that includes interior walls, exterior wall dimensions and GLA calculations

The UWM Appraisal Direct team is ready to accept orders in EASE. For more information, reach out to your UWM account executive.

UWM Appraisal Direct

High-Quality, Faster Appraisals

Mortgage brokers in our network can choose UWM Appraisal Direct for ordering and tracking appraisals on UWM loans. You’ll get greater transparency throughout the appraisal process so you can more effectively manage your loans and support your borrowers. Click here to learn more.

Redeem LO Partner Points For Appraisal Credits

Available On All Loans

UWM partners can offer up to a $600 appraisal credit on any loan by redeeming 8,000 LO Partner Points. Click here to learn more.

Appraisal Reminder

We are committed to keeping your business moving forward and are making every effort to help you minimize appraisal challenges.

To help alleviate delays please ensure you are always using the AMC assigned on your loan:

  • For all brokered loans, UWM will always assign an AMC once a product is selected for the file in EASE. The Assigned AMC will also be found under the Appraisal Fee line on the EASE fee screen. If the assigned AMC is not used, a new appraisal will be required from the assigned AMC.

If you are experiencing any issues with your assigned AMC please reach out to your Account Executive for assistance.

Additional Information:

  • UWM is accepting appraisal transfers, including desktop appraisals, on all eligible UWM loans.
  • UWM has imposed a $125-per-appraisal profit cap on our UWM-approved AMCs, which will allow for more money to go to the highest-quality appraisers.
  • UWM will auto-populate the suggested cost of the appraisal on the appraisal fees screen in EASE. (Please note: Any increase outside of the suggested fee will be the broker’s responsibility to update and disclose to the borrower.)

Together, these additional solutions will help ensure your appraisals move faster and are completed by high-quality appraisers.

In the meantime, please note that UWM’s Appraisal Promise will be paused temporarily.

Feel free to reach out to your AE with any questions.

Information is subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval.

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