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Offer complimentary education courses to your homeready and home possible borrowers

When borrowers purchase their first home through the HomeReady® or Home Possible® program, they are often required to complete a homebuyer education course to help them better understand the financial responsibilities of owning a home. The links below provide a number of options for you to share with your borrowers.

Framework – no cost

The Framework online homebuyer course is mobile friendly and easy to use. Information is organized into bite-sized topics, and it’s so intuitive that most people finish in just a few hours. It meets HUD guidelines and exceeds National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education. All homebuyer education required on Fannie Mae loans must be completed through Framework.

MGIC – no cost

Readynest takes your borrowers through key homeownership topics step-by-step, so they can feel more confident throughout the homebuying process while fulfilling their education requirement.

Genworth – no cost

Genworth's self-paced, mobile friendly, online Homebuyer Education course is a great resource for you to offer to your borrowers, including those using Home Possible.

Arch – no cost

Through Pathways to Homeownership, borrowers receive counseling and education on the benefits and challenges of owning a home to prepare to handle the expenses and responsibilities that will arise — and know where to turn for help.

Essent – no cost

This valuable homebuyer resource center will educate borrowers about the benefits of homeownership and how private mortgage insurance (PMI) can help them become homeowners sooner.

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