Success Track combines UWM’s comprehensive mortgage expertise and award-winning training methods in a series of courses dedicated to championing the success of brokers everywhere. Whether you’re new to the mortgage industry, transitioning to wholesale lending or looking for a resource to get your new hires up to speed, Success Track delivers the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

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Success Track training courses include:

UWM Friday Elective Classes

Each Friday UWM conducts a virtual 1-hour topic-specific training based on UWM specific technology, process and industry information. Login to get details for these virtual courses.

1-Day Real Estate Agent & Builder Training At UWM

Designed for broker owners looking to solidify partnerships with real estate agents and builders who’d like to spend the day with you at UWM to get better together. Brokers and loan officers are welcome to invite up to 3 agents/builders per session. You and your partner can expect an immersive day focused on introducing them to the benefits of wholesale partnership. UWM Partners are asked to invite and register their prospective or current real estate agent partners directly.

2-Day Tech & Tools Workshop

Our first-ever interactive workshop tailored to help you master our system and grow your business. UWM experts will work alongside you to set up accounts such as Brand 360 and Blink+ to help you attract new clients and retain past clients. Learn best practices on pipeline tools and resources, so you can experience faster closings and fewer touches. Plus, you’ll rack up PRO score points during our sessions that will ultimately boost your PRO Ranking!

*Confirmation of EASE credentials, Blink+ and Brand 360 access are required prior to attending.

2-Day Leadership Development

Designed for those in a leadership role within a mortgage brokerage, this 2-day leadership course is facilitated by senior leaders at UWM who will help you better understand how to create a positive team environment and strengthen your leadership skills.

2-Day Building Relationships with Real Estate Agents

Designed for UWM LOs and Brokers, this is a step-by-step course to building lasting relationships with real estate agents. We’ll help you better understand how to successfully connect with agents in your market and how you are uniquely positioned to provide invaluable partnership support to them as an independent mortgage professional.

2-Day New to Wholesale Training

Designed for LOs and/or Broker Owners who are in the process of transitioning from a retail originator, direct lender or retail branch and plan on owning their own independent mortgage brokerage or joining a local mortgage broker.

2-Day Discovering Wholesale

Designed for Broker Owners who are in the process of recruiting from retail lenders and looking to onboard retail LOs. Broker Owners are welcome to invite potential retail candidates for their companies to the Success Track class.

2-Day Experienced Processor

Available for experienced wholesale Processors with over 12 months of experience. This course focuses on the details of the business. This includes topics such as processing and underwriting best practices, UWM-specific technology, partnership tools, BOLT and UClose 3.0.

2-Day Sales Fundamentals

This is 2-day activity-based class that includes role-playing, handling objections, selling products and pricing combinations, all while gaining knowledge on the sales process and different sales types.

2-Day Purchase Business

Learn how to dominate the purchase market by building relationships with real estate agents and having them be an advocate for you. This course will make you the obvious choices with your clients by showing you how to deliver efficiency and speed in the purchase market and create referral resources.

2-Day Closing 101

This 2-Day class will cover best practices for how to efficiently use UClose 3.0, including understanding applicable fees, solving hard stops and communicating with Title.

2-Day Broker Owner Training

Designed for Broker Owners with at least four team members who are looking to grow their business. This course is facilitated by UWM senior leadership and includes topics on how to build, grow and protect your business.

2-Day Self-Employed Income

*The 2-Day Calculating Income training is a pre-requisite for this class.*

This advanced 2-day class will cover best practices on how to calculate multiple sources of self-employed income, including Schedule C, 1120-S, 1065 and 1120 businesses.

2-Day Experienced Loan Originator Training

Designed for experienced wholesale loan originators with over 12 months of experience. This course focuses on the details of the business which includes topics such as leveraging UWM tools, niche products and programs, UWM-specific technology, client retention and generating business.

2-Day 2.0 Master LO Training

The 2-Day Experienced Loan Originator Training is a prerequisite for this class. This class provides a more in-depth look into the sales process, handling objections, underwriting process and scaling business.

2-Day Recruiting 101

This 2-day course will discuss finding the right LOs to hire and how to be the obvious choice to ensure the best candidates for your business find their way to you.

2-Day Social Media Fundamentals

Learn how to build and maintain your social network with tips from some of our in-house experts.

2-Day Calculating Income

This advanced 2-day class will cover best practices on how to calculate multiple sources of income.

2-Day Pre-Underwriting

This advanced 2-day class will cover pre-underwriting subjects, including how to avoid and solve common underwriting conditions, requirements for payoffs, understanding the subordination process and more.

2-Day Advanced Social Media

Designed for advanced social media users, this course builds off of the 2-Day Social Media Fundamentals class and focuses on the details of using social media for your business.

4-Day Initial Processor Training

Designed for newer Loan Processors with 12 months of experience, this course provides a look into mortgage foundations, products and programs, math, risk assessment, life of a loan, UWM-specific processes and technology, niche products and partnership tools – all geared toward the role of a processor.

4-Day Initial LO Training

Designed for newer Loan Originators with 0-12 months of experience, this course provides a look into mortgage foundations, products and programs, math, risk assessment, sales skills, processes and building your business.

Key Benefits For You:

  • Exclusive courses for LOs, Broker Owners and Processors
  • Coaching from UWM experts
  • Industry best practices
  • Success strategies
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