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Move From Application To CTC Faster And Easier By Using These UWM Exclusives

To help you keep your loans moving through UWM’s loan process quickly and efficiently, we’ve outlined a series of UWM exclusives that can help you achieve what we call an Ultimate Loan Submission — a faster, smarter way to work that encourages you to take full advantage of your partnership with us.

When you use our time-saving UWM exclusives, you’ll set your loans up to go from application to underwriting in the same day, close by an average of three days faster, average one less Underwriting touch and win you more referrals.

An Ultimate Loan Submission can be achieved on every conventional, VA, Jumbo or FHA/USDA loan.

Conventional: Must use at least 5 of 9 exclusives
VA: Must use at least 4 of 6 exclusives
Jumbo: Must use at least 4 of 6 exclusives
FHA/USDA: Must use at least 4 of 7 exclusives
Reference the chart below to see which UWM exclusives can be used with each loan type.

EASE Docs 2.0    
CD at Initial Underwrite    
Processor Assist/PA+    
Exact Rate    
Appraisal Manager    
One-Click AUS *  
Exclusives Required to Achieve Ultimate Loan Submission5444

*Jumbo Blue and Jumbo Purple are not eligible for One-Click AUS credit toward an Ultimate Loan Submission.

What qualifies as “usage” of these key UWM exclusives?

  • Appraisal Manager/Appraisal Waiver — Successfully order the appraisal from EASE or obtain an appraisal waiver
  • Blink+ — Import the loan file directly from Blink+ or download the MISMO file from Blink+ and upload to UWM via the Import Loan page
  • BOLT — Complete BOLT process for conventional loans, run One-Click AUS and obtain an initial approval letter and submit the loan
  • CD at Initial Underwrite — Complete all the required fields in the CD Information screen AND the senior underwriter clears all required fields during their initial review, which allows the CD to be sent to the borrower
  • EASE Docs 2.0 — Generate the Origination with State/Federal package
  • Exact Rate — Lock or float a custom interest rate using Exact Rate in EASE
  • One-Click AUS — Run One-Click AUS for conventional loans
  • Processor Assist/PA+ — Order one or more items from Processor Assist OR use PA+ on the loan
  • UTrack — Enroll in UTrack

By using the required number of exclusives before your loan is Approved With Conditions (with the exception of CD at Initial Underwrite as the CD goes out after the loan is Approved With Conditions), you’ll not only get the satisfaction of achieving an Ultimate Loan Submission, you’ll also consistently have fewer underwriting touches and earn more LO partner points. Plus, loans that achieve an Ultimate Loan Submission can help you earn a higher PRO Ranking with faster turn times. Even better, you’ll get to see just how much your partnership with UWM can benefit your business.

Look for the Ultimate Loan Submission progress tracker on your loan clipboard in EASE.

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