Media Alert: UWM Launches Control Your Price, Giving Brokers Access to 125 Basis Points to Use Where and When They Need It

Pontiac, January 11, 2023 – United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), the #1 overall lender in America, announced a new program today called Control Your Price.

Effective immediately, every loan originator who works with UWM has access to 125 basis points they can use on any loans they lock with the lender, up to 40 basis points per loan. Sometimes 10-20 basis points is all an LO needs to win over a real estate agent or get creative on a borrower’s loan. With Control Your Price, they now have the ability to modify pricing as they see fit.

Control Your Price is eligible for conventional, government and non-agency loans, up to $1 million. This incentive is in addition to UWM’s already sharp pricing and will further provide independent mortgage brokers with more control when it comes to providing a cheaper, easier and faster experience for their clients.

This launch comes after the announcement of expanded temporary rate buydown offerings. In addition, UWM recently announced a credit solution that allows independent mortgage brokers to order credit reports for UWM loans for a flat fee of $37.35, further combating the recent significant increases in the cost of running credit reports.

UWM supports independent mortgage brokers with industry-leading training, technology and service. For more information on how to sign up as a broker with UWM, visit

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