Personal Rating Objective (PRO)

Our New Rankings Put You In Control Of Your Turn Times

UWM is already known for its industry-leading turn times. Now you’ve got the opportunity to make them even faster with our Personal Rating Objective (PRO) — our new rankings that put you in control. Basically, the more efficient you are, the faster your turn times will be.

To start, your PRO ranking is based on an average number of underwriting touches on your loans from the prior month, putting you in one of the three groups below, which determines the turn times you’ll receive for the current month. Your ranking is evaluated every 30 days based on the prior 30 days.

  PRO Elite PRO Plus PRO Basic
  2.5 touches or less over 2.5 - 4.5 touches over 4.5 touches
  Initial UW Conditions Initial UW Conditions Initial UW Conditions
Conventional 2 1 3 2 4+ 3+
FHA 2 1 3 2 4+ 3+
Jumbo 2 1 3 2 4+ 3+
USDA 2 1 3 2 4+ 3+
VA 2 1 3 2 4+ 3+

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Turn Times Details

So, what exactly is considered a “touch?” Every time you upload documents and the underwriter reviews them, it’s considered a “touch.” The initial underwriting decision is the first touch and every subsequent review is another touch. Make sure you’re using our time-saving tools and technology to reduce the number of touches and speed up timelines.

Tips To Achieve PRO Elite Ranking:

Initial Ease Setup

  • Reduce conditions and tolerance cures by completing your Service Provider List (SPL) in EASE
  • Choose who and how you want to be updated throughout the loan process in your Communication Preferences setting
  • Review your preferred AMC with your AE and add login credentials to EASE for easy ordering

One-Click AUS/EZ Findings

  • Run One-Click AUS for a side-by-side comparison of DU and LPA
  • Get simplified, straightforward findings
  • Click here to learn more


  • Verify income and assets automatically
  • Keep the file moving by reducing inaccuracies
  • Click here to learn more

Processor Assist

  • Let UWM collect the title work, homeowners insurance, payoff, condo docs and more
  • The LO or Processor will review and the LO chooses what gets submitted to the underwriter
  • Click here to learn more

Clean Approvals

  • Submit 100% of your conditions at once to receive cleaner approvals with minimal conditions
  • Get the CD out at initial approval by submitting one document from each of the three categories shown below:
Documents To Assist Triggering The CD Sooner
  Submit One Of The Following For Each Category
  • Run Home Value Estimator
    • If main value is equal to or higher than value provided in DU/LPA
  • Past Appraisal (If value supports)
  • PIW/ACE for underwriters to check for
  • Current Mortgage Statement
    • If a refinance and the escrows are broken out
  • MLS Listing from Realtor® – with current taxes listed
  • Processor Certification from local assessor
  • 3rd Party Tax Estimator
  • Current Mortgage Statement
    • If a refinance and the escrows are broken out
  • Current/Old Declaration Page
  • Quote from insurance agent
  • For purchases only

As a best practice, review the Clipboard on every loan to see when conditions need to upload per your specific PRO ranking. Your current ranking will be listed for reference and will adjust as/if your ranking changes each month.

Check Your Touch Status Any Time

Be sure to check your Insights Reporting for a real-time status update on the number of touches by our underwriters in your loan files. It’s a good way to monitor your progress and maintain, or reach, a PRO Elite ranking.

Ask your AE for more details about UWM’s Personal Rating Objective. To learn more about how turn times are defined, click here.

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