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At UWM, we know that rates aren't the only things that help you win a deal. Additional fees, business expenses and more all figure into the cost of every loan. That's why, in addition to competitive rates, we're always looking for ways we can help you be even more competitive with your costs.

Here are just a few:

$34 Credit Report

All-inclusive credit report option for a flat fee of $34 – with no added reissue, supplement or lender fees for both single and joint tri-merge.

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$350 Flat Closing Fee

Reltco and Nations Title Agency is offering UWM clients a $350 all-inclusive closing fee nationwide for both Virtual E-Closing and paper closings, and reduced Title Commitment fees.

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Save with Turbo Insurance Group

An innovative insurance brokerage that saves your clients up to 29% on homeowners insurance versus the market, and takes days off the loan process. Plus, it’s fully integrated with Blink+.

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Escrow Waivers up to 97% LTV with No Escrow Waiver Fee

UWM has eliminated the escrow waiver fee nationwide on most conventional loans up to 97% LTV to give you a big competitive advantage over large banks and mega retail lenders. Limited to 80% LTV in NM by state law.

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Customize Your Loan

Outprice your competition by offering custom rates to the thousandth decimal point with Exact Rate. Give yourself the edge with borrowers by picking the exact number of days you want to lock a loan in with Custom Lock. And with Flex Term, allow borrowers to choose any term, from 8–30 years, that fits their budget and allows them to potentially save thousands of dollars in interest.

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Elite BPMI

Give your 620+ FICO borrowers a lower payment with some of the lowest M.I. pricing available.

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Brand 360

Make it easy to retain past clients, market to borrowers and real estate agents, and promote your brand through our all-inclusive portal inside of EASE.

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New Home Listings Tool

Stay on top of what's going on in your local purchase market to better serve your partners.

Success Track

A series of courses for loan officers, processors and broker owners that delivers the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

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Partner Services

Free customized consultation and advice from UWM specialists in areas including recruiting, compliance, technology, marketing and more.

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