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At UWM, we know that rates aren't the only things that help you win a deal. Additional fees, business expenses and more all figure into the cost of every loan. That's why, in addition to competitive rates, we're always looking for ways we can help you be even more competitive with your costs.

Here are just a few:

$31 Credit Report

All-inclusive credit report option for a flat fee of $31 – with no added reissue, supplement or lender fees for both single and joint tri-merge.
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$200 Flat Closing Fee

UWM has partnered with Reltco to offer a $200 all-inclusive closing fee nationwide for both Virtual E-Closing and paper closings, and reduced Title Commitment fees. ($300 in NJ)
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Escrow Waivers up to 95% LTV with No Escrow Waiver Fee

UWM has eliminated the escrow waiver fee nationwide on all conventional loans up to 95% LTV to give you a big competitive advantage over large banks and mega retail lenders. Limited to 80% LTV in NM by state law.
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Elite BPMI

Give your 640+ FICO borrowers a lower payment with some of the lowest M.I. pricing available.
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Conventional High Balance Nationwide

Offer conventional high balance loans up to 90% LTV featuring UWM's exclusive M.I. Buyout to all of your borrowers nationwide - even those outside of the counties eligible under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - instead of having to opt for a Jumbo loan.
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30-Day Lock

UWM's fast turn times allow you to take advantage of lower-cost 30-day rate locks.

Home Value Estimator

Get a free estimated market value of a prospect's property.
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New Home Listings Tool

Stay on top of what's going on in your local purchase market to better serve your partners.

Client Loyalty Manager

Our customizable CRM tool makes it easy to manage your past borrowers by notifying you to send pre-written, personalized emails on birthdays, loan anniversaries and when rates change in their favor.
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Marketing Toolbox

Free, customizable marketing materials help you grow your business and compete with megabanks and retail lenders.
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Success Track

A series of courses for loan officers, processors and broker owners that delivers the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.
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Get notified when your past clients are in the market for a new purchase or refinance. A follow-up letter even reminds them you helped with their last loan.
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A quarterly mortgage value statement to keep you connected to your clients. Personalized emails sent on your behalf feature valuable info unique to your borrower.
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