Success Stories

Every mortgage broker has a story to tell. Here are some of ours. See how UWM and mortgage brokers are building better businesses together.

Different Team, Same Dream

Terry Kashat went from originating loans out of his bedroom to a brand new office with space for 20 people. Find out why having the same values as a partner like UWM has meant so much to the growth of his business.

New Beginnings

Mark Bigelow is a 30-year veteran of the mortgage industry who has owned 2 mortgage companies and used to work in retail lending. Find out how UWM helped Mark start up his own independent broker shop, which is now a thriving business.

The power of one

See how the power or partnering with UWM gives Casey Finn’s one-man broker shop more capabilities — and more weight with real estate agents.


Randy and Fabian Gammo are brothers whose growing business has allowed them to expand into a bigger office and take on a larger staff. See how UWM helped make it all possible.

Connections are Everything

Shri Pattabhi is a family man and former automotive engineer. See how he uses UWM’s technology to streamline his business and spend more time doing what he loves.

Building her Brand

Kelly Belcher is a mother of three with a passion for promoting her mortgage business. See how UWM's technology and marketing assets have helped her gain a competitive edge.

The Right Call

Adam Rebandt is a father of six who thought being a mortgage broker meant long hours and little time with his family — until he took the call from UWM.

Expanding Relationships, Expanding Business

Ken Turkington’s company is growing with a focus on technology and purchase transactions. Find out how UWM has helped Ken scale his business and build relationships with real estate professionals.

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