Over 30 years of innovation

UWM is one of the largest, fastest-growing wholesale lenders in the United States. For more than 30 years, we’ve been changing the game by making elite client service, cutting-edge technology and the fastest turn times in the industry the cornerstones of our business.

Coached like a team

UWM President/CEO Mat Ishbia runs his company like a winning team. Each UWM team member has a specific role, and we all work together to support our clients and make every day — and every loan — a success. This philosophy should come as no surprise, as Mat played under legendary Michigan State University coach, Tom Izzo, and used his on-court lessons to help make UWM what it is today: the #1 wholesale lender in the country.

Relationships come first

We know who makes us #1. It’s brokers like you who are out there every day chasing down leads and submitting applications. We also know that you bring your loans to UWM because we put that same passion into helping you succeed. So we put relationships before transactions, and focus instead on giving you the support and tools you need to grow your business.

The first loan I did with UWM, the process was amazing and the whole team did an awesome job! It felt like the old days of lending and I know I wowed some new clients—thank you!

Kimberly Limes

Mortgage Manager



We are agile. We are innovative. We are leaders, not followers. From unparalleled products and tools, a team trained to become the best in the business, and a company that is grounded in a commitment to servicing our clients, UWM is the choice to make when you’re looking for a partner in business. Our partners choose to work with us again and again because we are true believers in following through on our word, being open and transparent throughout the loan process, and in creating meaningful relationships. We don’t just talk about making lending easy—we actually do it.



Our tools were created with the goal of transparency. Giving our partners complete access to all the information they need through the loan process allows them to be more successful and confident with their own clients. Our CEO and President, Mat, embodies our model of openness on a daily basis. He spends time each day coaching our team members on the floor and offering advice on how to solve any issues they may be experiencing.


We are leaders in the mortgage industry, not just for our superior client service, but also for how we incorporate innovative technology to make our partners’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. Our online Broker portal, EASE, is the main hub where our partners can access tools and exclusives only UWM can offer, such as UTrack (a tool to empower real estate agents to track their buyer’s loan progress), our Income Calculator (the same one used by our underwriters), and more.


We are a learning company; we are constantly striving to improve and become better at what we do. We coach our team members through consistent training, and in fact, all new Account Executives spend 200 hours in training prior to working with clients so they can be prepared for total success. We also offer training services to our partners via webinars and our exclusive tools.


I take about 90% of my business to UWM, and the big reason is not only the products you offer, but also our team at UWM that is 2nd to none. I truly appreciate this.

Joseph Estrada

Family Tree Lending


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