UWM InTouch Mobile App

No Matter Where You Are, We’re There For You.

Get ready to get more done; with the flexibility and freedom that UWM’s InTouch mobile app offers. View your pipeline, lock loans, upload conditions and more. It means your loans don’t have to stop moving when you’re on the go, or just away from your desk.

Here are some of the things UWM InTouch lets you do:

Easy Qualifier (EQ)

  • Get a price quote on any of our loan products and get the mortgage process started from anywhere


  • View current uploads and any outstanding conditions
  • View cleared conditions
  • Take a photo of documents with your phone; the app will auto-convert to a PDF

Lock Actions

  • Lock, extend, and rate change

Client Request

  • Create a new CR or view those previously resolved
  • Cancel if needed
  • Add comments and take survey


  • Push notifications for loan status: AWC-CTC and suspended, CR action and if a LE/CD was sent out

Change of Circumstances

  • Submit loan structure CoCs
  • Review progress and history

Check out the video for a closer look on what InTouch (and UWM) can do for you. Like what you see? Join our network today!

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