Brand 360 Client Connect

Your Relationships. Fully Managed.

Client Connect helps you manage your client relationships and gain repeat business. We’ll send you alerts so you can contact your borrowers or have us do it for you automatically. Available alerts include:

  • New Home Listing — When a borrower’s property has been listed
  • Credit Watch — When a borrower’s credit score has reached a target FICO
  • Rate Watch — When interest rates drop in your borrower’s favor
  • UConnect — When a borrower is shopping for a new mortgage
  • Birthday — When a borrower is celebrating a birthday
  • Loan Anniversary — When a borrower is celebrating a loan anniversary
  • M.I. Drop — When a borrower’s LTV drops below 80% and is eligible to drop M.I.
  • Unite — When a borrower reaches a certain amount of home equity, we give you the estimated home value and current LTV

Plus, if you use Blink+, our free online mortgage application, all of your contacts will automatically transfer over in real-time and you can sort them by leads or borrowers.

Ask your account executive for more details about Client Connect and all the other valuable features available through UWM’s Brand 360. Or sign up now for one of our upcoming Live Demo Drop-Ins and hear directly from a Brand 360 expert about how to use this tool to its fullest potential.

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