Safe Check


Spend Less Money, Enjoy More Peace Of Mind

Available exclusively from UWM, Safe Check is a more streamlined initial borrower approval experience that gives you the certainty you need to move ahead.

  • Available on conventional loans
  • Get an appraisal waiver pre-check before submitting your loan. Run Safe Check through One-Click AUS to see whether the loan is eligible for an appraisal waiver before submission
  • Prevent trigger leads. Safe Check runs a soft credit check instead of the typical hard credit check that can take longer and result in credit triggers
  • Won’t affect FICO score. The soft credit check also lets you pre-qualify borrowers without negatively impacting their credit score
  • Early approval lets you move forward with confidence
  • Use Safe Check with BOLT to obtain an initial approval and help your borrowers win the deal
  • Less than half the average price of pulling a full credit check on a borrower

Information subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval.

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