Get Up-To-The-Minute Reports About Your Business

Insights, a powerful reporting tool exclusive to UWM, lets you see the details of your business with us like never before so you can focus your efforts to grow and succeed. View separate reports for loans in your pipeline, loans in process (Approved With Conditions through CTC status), funded loans, locked loans and more — all customizable to fit your business’s specific needs. Insights reports take only seconds to generate and give you the ability to search, sort, filter and organize your data. They can even be exported to update your own systems for easy compliance and audits. Plus, each LO in your office can generate their own Insights reports and admins can view reports for your entire office.

The first step to growing your business is knowing your business. Insights makes it easy.

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  • Generate detailed reports in seconds
  • Customize reports to fit your business
  • Search, sort, filter and organize your data
  • Export reports to your own systems for easy compliance and audits
  • Track and manage data as you and your business grow
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