UWM Announces Increased 2022 Conventional Loan Limits, Effective Today

Lender allowing mortgage brokers to take advantage of estimated increased loan limits immediately, saving borrowers money

Pontiac, September 30, 2021 – United Wholesale Mortgage, (UWM), the #1 wholesale and purchase lender in America, announced today estimated 2022 conventional loan limits, ahead of FHFA’s announcement in November.

The estimated maximum loan limit for regular, one-unit properties will be $625,000. For special statutory provisions including AK and HI, the baseline loan limit of 937,500 for regular, one-unit conventional loans.

UWM is singularly focused on giving mortgage brokers a competitive advantage in the mortgage industry. This announcement comes after the reveal of Appraisal Direct, The Source and BOLT, all of which were launched this month. Now, mortgage brokers can close loans faster and get more borrowers into higher loan amounts with better pricing.

UWM supports independent mortgage brokers with industry-leading training, technology and service. For more information on how to sign up as a broker with UWM, visit www.UWM.com.

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