UWM Portal

UWM Portal

Streamline Your Import Process With Uwm Portal

Exclusively from UWM, UWM Portal is a bi-directional application programming interface (API) that lets you seamlessly link your LOS platform* to UWM’s EASE system to help streamline your import process. It gives you the ability to import your loan file to UWM, select product and pricing and run AUS all within the portal, reducing the time and number of actions you need to take.

  • Easy to connect and available at no cost — no IT resources or additional spend required
  • Saves you time and effort when importing a loan to UWM
  • Accurately brings in data from new borrower application
  • Scans the application for missing information to provide AUS results
  • Lets you quickly select product and pricing
  • Gives you control over which loan applications you import to UWM — so that only the loan information you approve is accessible in the portal or EASE
  • Review and filter all loan conditions in an organized queue — whether imported through UWM Portal or EASE
  • Loan data in EASE is pushed back to your LOS to keep you up-to-date for monthly call reports and eliminates the need to manually reconcile information
  • Contract processors can easily view, import and reconcile loans from all connected accounts

Set yourself up for success — start using UWM Portal for increased ease and efficiency today.

*Subject to your LOS capabilities.

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