Blink+ Is The Total Package

UWM’s free online mortgage application, Blink, has been one of the easiest, most secure ways of letting your borrowers complete an application online since it originally launched in 2016. And now it’s even better. In addition to letting you automatically pull credit, e-sign docs and co-browse screens with your borrowers, Blink+ is your Point of Sale (POS) + Loan Origination System (LOS) + Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) all-in-one package.

You can also add your Blink+ link to Mortgage Matchup (formerly — a website launched by UWM to help educate borrowers and real estate agents about why independent mortgage brokers are the best partners, and to help them find you. Just update your Mortgage Matchup profile through Brand 360 to ensure you're ready for new business. Blink+ will sync with Brand 360 and allow leads to seamlessly enter your pipeline and generate more business.


  • Allows borrowers to complete an application easily and securely from anywhere at any time
  • Receive notifications in real-time every time a borrower submits an app
  • Integrate Blink+ into your website, email signature, social media pages and more
  • Use a quick-link version to capture leads by collecting just the basic information


  • Price out a loan right inside Blink+
  • Generate a generic package quickly and easily
  • Preset your fees and they will automatically transfer over to EASE saving you time and eliminating errors
  • Run credit, e-sign documents, verify assets, download conditions and more
  • Create Call Reports and export them into Excel so it’s audit- or compliance-ready


  • Invite real estate agents into the transaction and keep them informed every step of the way
  • Initiate email drip campaigns

Use Blink+ for 100% of your loans — even if you don’t send the loan to us — and make the application process faster, easier and smoother for you and your borrowers.

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