CD At Initial Underwrite


Trigger The CD Sooner And Get To The Closing Table Faster

Waiting on your closing docs is wasting precious time. With UWM’s CD at Initial Underwrite process, you can get your docs out sooner and close your loan faster. Just upload one document from each category below at initial submission and we’ll instantly put your CD on a fast track and release it earlier.

To Assist Triggering The CD Sooner:
Complete Partner Requirements On The CD Progress Screen In Ease And Submit One Of The Following Documents For Each Category
  • Run Home Value Estimator (Click Here)
    • Estimated value must not exceed the range on the Home Value Estimator
    • Download PDF and attach with submission docs
  • Purchase Agreement
    • Only for purchases
  • Past Appraisal (If value supports)
    • Only for Refinance
  • Value Acceptance/ACE for underwriters to check for
  • Current Mortgage Statement
    • Only if it's a refinance and the escrows are broken out
  • MLS Listing from Realtor® — with current taxes listed
  • Processor Certification from local assessor (Click Here)
  • 3rd Party Tax Estimator (ex. DataTree, NETR)
  • The Annual Property Taxes on the Home Value Estimator (HVE)
  • Current Mortgage Statement
    • Only if it's a refinance and the escrows are broken out
  • Current/Old Declaration Page
  • Quote from insurance agent or Turbo Insurance Group (Click here)
    • Only for Purchases
NOTE: Taxes will only be verified if the value on the documentation provided is within 20% plus or minus of the value you input into our system at submission.

Then, be sure to use our CD Tracker to confirm when your CD is at 100%, at which time it will be automatically sent to your borrowers.


  • No more waiting until your loan is clear to close
  • Get the CD the minute it hits underwriting
  • Save days on your lock period
  • Most loans cleared to close in an average of 17 days
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