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Offer your borrowers a secure and
hassle-free way to apply for a home loan completely online.

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Blink is your free borrower mortgage link that lets you consolidate your communications into one easy-to-use portal. With Blink, borrowers can complete their applications on their time freeing up yours, so you can focus on building relationships and growing your business.

Should borrowers need your help, you have the ability to co-browse screens in real-time allowing you to guide them through the process. Blink offers seamless integration into EASE with
Doc-less assets and e-sign — or feel free to export the FNMA 3.2 to any lender.

Best of all, Blink is free, easy to set up, and can be fully branded to you and your company.

Give your business a competitive advantage. Start using Blink today. 



  • Automatically pull borrowers’ credit
  • Assets can be ordered by the borrower
  • E-sign the entire initial disclosure package
  • Borrower can upload supporting documents
  • Communicate with your borrowers in one place throughout the entire loan process
  • Use for 100% of your loans, even if they’re not all with us
  • Compete with mega retail lenders
  • Take applications 24 hours a day
  • Free for you and your borrowers
  • Customizable Ad Kit in the Marketing Toolbox to introduce Blink to your customers