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Use Assets As Income On Conventional Loans

Looking for supplemental income to qualify your borrowers? We can help. Now you can use their assets as income for DU-approved loans to help them get into the home of their dreams. How does it work? To make it easy, use assets as an income calculator — but here are the basics: For savings, divide 100% of the amount over the term of the loan. For stocks, bonds, mutual funds and IRAs, use 70% of the amount divided over the term of the loan.


  • Minimum 680 FICO
  • Primary or secondary homes (1–2 units)
  • Available on any conventional fixed loans with DU approval
  • For purchases and rate/term refis up to 80% LTV, assets must equal at least $500,000 or 1.5X the loan amount, whichever is lower


I never want to tell obviously qualified people that I can’t get them the mortgage they deserve — like people who are self-employed or received an inheritance, even doctors with high student loans. Being able to use assets as income with UWM means I don’t have to.

Dwayne Fernandez

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