Elite BPMI

Elite M.I. - BPMI

Give your borrowers a lower monthly payment with our specially discounted mortgage insurance rates

UWM's Elite BPMI offers discounted rates you won’t find at every other lender. So, if your borrower has a 640+ FICO and is putting less than 20% down, there's only one place to go. You'll not only help save your borrowers money, but with our Instant MI, you'll also save three to seven days on every loan by eliminating the second underwrite. And, of course, no additional mortgage insurance overlays, not even for DTI or co-borrowers.

These BPMI rates can make a huge difference in your borrower’s monthly payment and they won't show up in pricing engines, so the only way to see your borrower's best payment is to join our network and price us out.


  • Specially discounted BPMI rates
  • Instant MI saves 3-7 days on the loan process
  • No MI overlays
  • No adjustments for DTI or co-borrowers
  • Starts at 640 FICO


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