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Our bpmi rates just dropped again - for the second time in six months

We've done it again- we just lowered our BPMI rates. This means you only have to go to one place to deliver a lower payment for your 640+ FICO clients, possibly saving them hundreds of dollars. And with our instant M.I., you'll save three to seven days on every loan by eliminating the second underwrite. And, of course, no additional M.I. overlays.

These special rates won't show up in pricing engines so the only way to see your borrower's lowest payment is to price a loan in our EQ tool. Even if the interest rates are higher, our lower BPMI rates will likely make up the difference.


  • Some of the lowest borrower-paid M.I. pricing available
  • Instant M.I. saves three to seven days on the loan process
  • No M.I. overlays or second underwrites
  • Starts at 640 FICO


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