Escrow waivers

No Escrow

Escrow waivers on UWM conventional loans up to 97% LTV

We believe in giving choices to borrowers so they can determine what best fits them — that’s why we allow escrow waivers (known as impound waivers in California) up to 97% LTV on most conventional loans* — with no escrow waiver fee. Waiving escrows allows your borrowers to pay their taxes and insurance on their own. And a lower monthly payment and less money brought to the closing table means more money in your borrower’s pocket at closing time. Talk to your account executive to learn more.


  • No escrow waiver fee
  • Eliminates initial escrow (impound) deposit
  • Available on most conventional loans with up to 97% LTV*
  • Available on most VA loans with up to 100% LTV*
  • Option to waive taxes, insurance or both
  • Escrow must be waived prior to funding


I love being able to offer the escrow waiver option without a fee. It lowers my borrowers’ monthly payments and the amount of cash they need at closing. This is a great tool to bring in new business.

Yobi Song

Loan Officer, NetLending

*Limited to below 80% LTV in NM by law.

If a first-time homebuyer is over 80% LTV (90% in CA) they can only waive escrows if their FICO is over 680.

Information subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval.

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