Virtual e-closing

Now your borrowers can close from anywhere, anytime

Now you can finally give your borrowers the option to close when they want, where they want, completely online: from the comfort of their living room, while celebrating at their favorite restaurant, on their boat — really anywhere with Wi-Fi access. Virtual E-Closing from UWM allows your borrowers to close without wet-signing a single document and by verifying their ID with a notary through video chat, and they’re yet another competitive advantage over big banks and mega retail lenders. Virtual E-Closing is now available in select markets with more to come soon. Check with your AE for availability.


  • Faster, more convenient closing process
  • E-sign all documents, including the mortgage and promissory note, from anywhere that has Wi-Fi access
  • No in-person signing


As one of the first brokers to participate in a virtual e-closing, I can tell you that this is going to change the way we all do business for the better. It’s always exciting when our industry takes a big leap into the future — and it seems like it’s always UWM at the controls.

Rick Brown

Senior Mortgage Consultant
M&M Mortgage


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