Just Announced At AIME Fuse:

Memory Maker And Pa+ Enhancements

Check out two new UWM initiatives announced at the AIME FUSE event in Las Vegas, designed to help you scale your business and set yourself up for future success (available starting October 9):

Make A Lasting Impression With Memory Maker

We’ve made it even easier to show your appreciation AND stay top-of-mind with your borrowers and real estate agent partners after closing with Memory Maker. Now you can wow them with your choice of personalized thank you items you can redeem LO Partner Points for or purchase with a credit card — we’ll take care of the rest! Choose from:

  • Thank you emails
  • Handwritten thank you notes (redeem LO Partner Points or purchase with credit card)
  • Borrower thank you gifts — Order personalized cutting boards, ice buckets or welcome mats (redeem LO Partner Points or purchase with credit card)

Order these tokens of appreciation from the Memory Maker menu within EASE on a loan-by-loan basis — just select which thank you item you’d like, schedule when you’d like it sent and we’ll take care of it from there!

Not only does Memory Maker reinforce valuable connections — it helps set you up for repeat business down the road.

Get More Flexibility And Control With PA+ Enhancements

PA+ gives you and your processors extra loan processing support from UWM when you need it. Now, we’re taking this service to the next level by giving you additional support options that will increase your flexibility and control over the loan process. You can choose which specific parts of the process you’d like us to handle — or we can help do it all — with these new PA+ options:

  • Setup ($395)
  • Underwriting ($395)
  • Closing ($195)
  • Full Service, from Setup through Closing ($895)
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