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What does it take to succeed in the mortgage industry? Brokers who are “All In” with United Wholesale Mortgage know better than anyone and want to share their knowledge with you in a new podcast called Good. Better. Broker., your go-to source for expert advice from the best in the industry.

Adding HELOCs to your menu of product offerings will help your business now and in the future

With home equity levels at all-time highs, HELOCs give borrowers an opportunity to access that equity without having to refinance their first mortgage. How can independent mortgage brokers sell HELOCs to boost their volume now while also setting themselves for success down the road? Listen to Episode #25 of Good. Better. Broker. as we talk with the leaders of two companies who have embraced HELOCs as part of their business.

In this episode of the Good. Better. Broker. podcast, you’ll learn how to strategically add HELOCs to your product offerings.

In this episode, we discuss ...

  • 1:55 – Why John believes HELOCs are a good option in this market
  • 2:55 – John on the appeal of a HELOC for borrowers
  • 4:00 – How John assesses which of his clients could be a fit for a HELOC
  • 5:40 – How JFQ Lending plans to turn HELOCs into future business
  • 7:20 – John’s advice on how to approach client questions on HELOCs
  • 9:28 – John’s advice on how to originate HELOCs as seamless as possible
  • 12:11 – Roger on why HELOCs are an attractive option for borrowers
  • 12:57 – How Loan Pronto’s HELOC product has performed since its rollout
  • 13:50 – Roger on how HELOCs can help you stay in front of clients
  • 15:04 – How HELOCs can give your business momentum in this market
  • 16:52 – Roger on how to sell a HELOC to a borrower
  • 18:57 – How Loan Pronto plans to turn HELOCs into future business
  • 20:39 – Why originators need to embrace HELOCs as part of their business 

Meet The Guests In This Episode

John Kresevic

John Kresevic is the President and CEO of JFQ Lending based in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 5 short years, JFQ Lending has become one of the 10 largest non-delegated lenders in the country, with over $12B funded since inception. Putting people over profits has helped build the internal culture and a belief amongst clients that JFQ truly ‘gets it.’ John is also heavily involved in the local community in Arizona, creating a special bond between JFQ and the Ronald McDonald House charities. JFQ has become the largest individual and corporate financial donor for RMH, as well as committing hundreds of team member volunteer hours.


Roger Moore

Roger Moore is the Founder and President of Loan Pronto based in Charlotte, NC. With two decades of experience and nearly $1.5B in loans funded, Roger has vast experience helping borrowers buy and refinance homes and figuring out resolutions to his clients’ problems. An entrepreneur at heart, Roger is passionate about starting and growing businesses and hiring and developing talent. He has a deep understanding of top-line and bottom-line growthand believes every challenge has a solution and that one should never do something just because that’s the way it’s always been done.


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