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Save On Credit Reports Exclusively Through UWM

With the latest average cost increasing per loan, ordering credit reports can turn into a big business expense. That’s why we’ve partnered with CoreLogic Credco to offer our partners significant savings on credit reports for UWM loans.

Your first step is to Create a UWM Credit Account by initiating your application to take advantage of these significant savings by ordering single and joint tri-merge credit reports for a flat fee of $37.35.* This credit report fee also includes:

  • XPN Fraud Shield
  • Proscan OFAC
  • 5 credit supplements
  • Electronic or paper credit score disclosure
  • All Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reissue fees
  • Pull credit directly from Credco or any POS, LOS system
  • Run AUS from your own LOS or within EASE

There are two ways you can sign up: as a broker owner or as an individual, depending on how you would like your account to be set up.

Signing up is easy, and the process for creating an account starts with your account application, regardless of which option you choose.

  1. Create a UWM Credit Account to initiate your account application
  2. Once you submit your account application and UWM has verified that you’re an active UWM partner, eBill and Credco will establish your account credentials
  3. Your UWM Credit Account credentials will be created for both billing and ordering credit services
    1. eBill
    2. credentials
    3. Instant Merge account number and password where you can order credit supplements, Rapid Recheck and CreditXpert products through your LOS.
  4. eBill will email you directly from at the email address you provided with your eBill login credentials and a link to the sign-in portal
    1. NOTE: It could take up to 10 days for these credentials to be established and the credentials email to be sent. Please save the following email address to your list of trusted recipients in your contacts to ensure you do not miss the email including your credentials.
  5. Once your billing information is confirmed, you will receive an email from a email address with your UWM Credco Account login credentials to begin saving on credit reports for UWM loans
    1. NOTE: Your login credentials for your UWM Credco Account will be different than your eBill credentials
  6. Log into your UWM Credco Account using the credentials provided by a email address. The credit card provided through eBill will be charged at the time each order is placed. A monthly billing option will not be available.
  7. Start ordering credit reports for UWM loans for $37.35

For the current fee schedule, search the UWM Credit Account Fee Schedule in The Source.

Learn how to leverage your UWM Credit Account and other UWM tools to qualify your borrowers, delay credit trigger solicitations and save money — check out our step-by-step guide of best practices for pulling credit or watch our How To Utilize UWM’s Credit Tools video in UWM Partner Academy.

For additional questions or concerns please reach out to your account executive.

*Credit reports are subject to state fees and subject to change at any time. Additional charges may be incurred depending on your state and additional services ordered. It is the responsibility of each UWM credentialed user to understand the costs associated with each service being ordered. Refunds will not be processed once services have been received.

Information subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval.

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