Lock & shop and tbd/scenarios


Give Your Borrower A Contingency Pre-Approval With The Security Of A Locked Interest Rate

You can now lock your borrowers' interest rate while they shop for their new home. Even without a formal offer on a property, Lock & Shop gives your borrowers rate security with 90-, 120-, 150-, 180-, 270-, and 365-day rate lock options. If the rates improve as your borrowers shop, you can float down to the better rate.

To market this option to your current and prospective clients, take advantage of the Lock & Shop marketing campaign we’ve created in Brand 360.

Simply head to Brand 360’s Brand Builder and choose the “All Campaigns” tab. There you’ll find our Lock & Shop campaign (campaigns are listed in alphabetical order).

And our TBD/Scenarios feature makes Lock & Shop even more attractive. Use your LO Partner Points to submit any income documents, guidelines or specific questions to see how UWM views the loan and we'll get back to you the next day with an answer.

To learn more, watch our UWM Partner Academy video, Lock and Shop from UWM.

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