One-Time Close New Construction Loans


One Closing. Unlimited Growth Opportunities.

UWM’s One-Time Close New Construction loans give our brokers a unique opportunity to generate new business and build referral partnerships with real estate agents and builders. And the best part? One closing! Which means one interest rate (with the option to modify down if the market improves), one down payment, one full credit report to order and one approval. Available on conventional loans, including ARMs and high balance, and VA loans, they deliver the faster, easier process UWM is known for. Learn more on our product details page.

Better For Brokers

  • More efficient. UWM facilitates communication with the builder and provides you with checklists for the project approval and builder approval to help keep the approval process moving.
  • Ability to run Safe Check and BOLT. By utilizing Safe Check and BOLT on eligible loans, brokers can pre-approve their borrowers, provide valid pricing and clear conditions — all before submitting the loan into underwriting.
  • No second approval needed. After the first approval, the borrower is good to go, helping to deliver a more seamless, efficient experience.
  • Build real estate agent relationships. Take advantage of the opportunity to build relationships with real estate agents who have land plot listings.
  • Gain more referrals. Our streamlined process will not only make you a hero with your borrowers, but also with builders, contractors and real estate agents.
  • Get more certainty. With no second closing, the loan is locked even if the market shifts. You also have the option to modify down if the market improves.
  • UWM will see it through. Once the loan is closed, UWM will handle the rest of the process. We’ll be in direct communication with the builder on subsequent draws, as well as subsequent inspections to confirm the project is on pace.

Better For Borrowers

  • Save time and money. One closing means only having to cover one set of closing costs.
  • No settling. With new construction, your borrowers really can have the home of their dreams.
  • Low down payment. Down payments as low as 5% down for conventional and 0% down for VA make new construction loans accessible for more borrowers.
  • One approval. No need for a second approval.
  • Modify down option. Once the loan is complete, borrowers can modify down to secure a lower interest rate if the market changes or stay locked in no matter how the market moves.
  • Build-period payments. Conventional borrowers can enjoy lower, interest-only payments while VA borrowers have no payments during the build period.
  • Less out-of-pocket expense. The borrower doesn’t have to pay for the build and then get a mortgage. The mortgage pays for the build!

Better For Builders And Contractors

  • Levels the playing field. Gives general contractors more freedom to build unique dream homes for their clients, rather than cookie-cutter developments.
  • Get paid faster. Once the loan is closed, the cash is ready for labor and materials. It also saves the expense of having to pay for the build up front and then find a buyer.

One-Time Close New Construction loans provide a faster, easier way to help borrowers get into the dream home they want, while growing our partners’ businesses with new opportunities for referrals. Join our network and start taking advantage of One-Time Close New Construction loans today!

Want to learn more? Listen to Episode #38 of UWM’s Good. Better. Broker. podcast, “Mastering New Construction Loans.”

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