UWM Servicing


Servicing Policies That Serve You And Your Borrower

At UWM, we want your borrowers to enjoy premium service even after their loan closes. And because we service over 100,000 loans at any one time, we’re always developing new ways to serve you and your clients better. That’s why, along with enabling borrowers to manage their loans entirely online and helping you stay top of mind through Brand 360, we also have options like UWM Loan Shield – that you can choose for conventional and government loans to give them a consistent loan servicing experience.


  • UWM sends personalized video to your borrower once the loan closes with specific details about their mortgage account
  • Borrower receives monthly mortgage statements that include your name and contact information
  • Borrower can make monthly or bi-weekly payments
  • Set up automatic payments and view information on their loan online or through the My UWM Loan app on their phone
  • UWM client service hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30AM–8:00PM EST
  • Borrowers can manage their loans entirely online
  • And when you select UWM Loan Shield, UWM retains servicing of that loan for a minimum of 5 years and protects borrowers from unwanted solicitations


Your borrowers placed a lot of trust in you. Show them they can trust the company where you placed their loan with this flyer:

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